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I am a 28 year old female who is healthy other than Fibromyalgia. I sleep 8-8.5 hours each night, and don't seem to wake up throughout the night. I don't know if I have ever had a restorative nights sleep. I wake up so tired I can barely manage to stand up. I could easily fall asleep within 2 hours of waking, though usually must wait about 6-7 hours until I can take a 30-60 minute nap. I then complete my work day, walk the dogs for about 30 minutes and then take another 20 minute nap to get up the energy to eat dinner. I go to bed about 3-4 hours after that point.
I make it a point to walk 10,000 steps a day and swim 3 times a week. I've had tests for sleep apnea, thyroid issues, adrenal issues, had every blood test my doctor could think of, been evaluated for depression, but everything comes back as normal. OTC sleeping pills do not help me wake restored, antidepressants that are supposed to help with sleep caused me to be completely unable to wake (sleeping 20+ hrs a day)I'm just looking for another avenue to suggest to my doctor, or suggestions for what specialist to seek out.

You need to check and make sure the following blood tests were taken for anemia,mono, Epstein barr virus ,thyroid.  If that checks out.  You need to visit a sleep center and get a sleep study done as well as the next day a multiple sleep latency test, which just checks your eyes and lets you answer questions as well as allows you to sleep 5 naps during the day.  This test is very good for finding out why sleep is not restful.  I also would write a letter and submit and test to the Narcolepsy research, university of Illinois in Chicago.  Their number is 312-996-5176 fax 312-996-7008. Ask them to please have one of their doctors overlook your case.  Call them up to make sure fax is correct.  Don't say why you need it, just write a detailed letter of what you were tested for and what do they think you should do and that you would like a sleep expert to phone you back.  They are very helpful.  Next you should contact or go to the narcolepsy network website.  You can call them for a list of sleep centers as well or your local hospital can refer you.  If your insurance will not pay for the test you can get a copy of the one you had for ruling out apnea.  If you had one.  However the MSLT test along with a new sleep study might be the best route.  Also you might want to try modafanil aka Provigil which is the newest stimulant medication which is mild but may help you feel rested.  The usual starting dose is anywhere from 200 to 600 mg. a few times a day.  Also do not nap after 3pm this only spills over into your night time cycle and don't nap for more than 20 minutes. set an alarm if you must. You might also keep a log for a few days and note the times you are most tired thru the day.  When you get those times, take a nap one half hour before those times during the day.  Some people take up to 5 scheduled naps at those times for only 20 minutes. You need not fall asleep even if you simply just close your eyes, but be lying down.  Many feel very refreshed.  also note fibromyalgia pain may also have a lot to do with no restul sleep because of the the pain.  pain medicine .  Apparently you could have some mild form of hypersomnia which in essence is too much sleep.  Hope this helps.feel free to email again Karel.If all these attempts get you no where ,you might want to contact . Dr. Emanuel Mignot very famous sleep researcher at Stanford.  His email is phone is 650-725-7341.  His assistant is Mali  Eaven  she might answer you if he is too busy to write you but rest assured the answer comes from him. as he is very busy.  good luck

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