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Hopefully you can answer this question. I am a 46 year old female, under lots of stress, otherwise very healthy. I get between 8-9 hours of sleep each night. My problem is that I talk in my sleep. Constantly. It's vulgar, explicit, offensive...and I have no recollection of it ever. It's affecting my relationship with my fiance. Apparently I say things that would make a porn star blush, and I'm a very conservative person. My fiance is hurt because he feels that he isn't satisfying me. I feel hurt because he accuses me of lying to him about my desires. I swear, it's not me. I am not dreaming about what I am talking about or I would remember it somehow. Am I insane?

No, you are not insane. Sleep problems can be physical not only mental. Most people who are under a lot of stress, and it builds up.  At night when the brain slows down it spills out that stress and for you, it comes out vocally. Some of us get horrendous nightmares which are so surreal..  My guess is you need to distress.and try to put yourself into a deeper sleep.  Understand I am a respiratory therapist over 20 years with a sleep disorder Narcolepsy.  As long as y you being so your daytime wakefulness is not being interrupted by you being so exhausted,the next day and you cant function, then you should try this.

3 hours before bedtime stay away from the following things, alcohol,tea, coffee, caffeine, caramel colored soda like coke, pepsi, ginger ale, root beer, and chocolate, and exercise. All of these interfere with you going into a deeper sleep.

30 minutes before bedtime, take a hot bath.  put your hands under the water palms up and leave in the water for at least 5 minutes.  Latest research out of John Hopkins is that when the hands are immersed in hot water with palms up, it sends signals from the palms to the brain that it is getting time for you to unwind, for sleep.

next tip is most important.  15 minutes before bedtime, drink a glass of plain warm heated milk. Milk when heated contains tryptophan, a natural amino acid that induces deeper sleep.

When you get in the bed, make sure you take a few slow deep breathes.You also should have tv shut off.  You then should get your phone and dial 718-920-CALM(2256).  Listen to it.  It is the Montefiore sleep center relaxation line.  It will give you options to press from 1 to 6.  You want to press the options 1 or 4 or6.  Listen to them all they give you how many minutes each one is. You do not want the options that just say relaxing music, you want the ones that are deep breathing exercise.  It will say sit in a chair, ignore that and just follow the instructions, while you lay in the bed.  This will make you totally relaxed and you will fall off into a much deeper sleep.

I want you to let your fiancÚ read this.  You love each other for better or worse.  Talking in ones sleep is not a crime, but a stress factor which he should be happy that you don't have a severe sleeping disorder like some of us where we scream at night with such hallucinations even after we are awake.  He should sleep with ear plugs, then your talking in his sleep wont affect him. Im serious!! However after doing this for about 4-6 weeks you will see a big improvement. Many have seen improvements as early as two weeks. If this becomes so unbearable you may want to visit a sleep center and get your sleep evaluated. But I am sure that this will get better.  We all have stages where our sleep can be so erradic for months , and then when things calm down you notice you are sleeping better and its gone. Good Luck, feel free to email again, Karel.

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