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Sleep Disorders/I see faces before I fall asleep


kenny wrote at 2006-06-24 06:11:16
thank you for this i thought i was goign crazy or physic or seeing dead sprits or somthing now i know its just a normal dissorder :)

billie joe wrote at 2008-09-30 18:29:03
to get the faces to leave is to give them what they need , they come to you because ? they see a glow around you at night/ they are lost soles who died and don't know it, to get them --just pray for them--god will take them away--

Mia wrote at 2010-07-19 23:17:57
i also see the faces. I don't think it because the bod has started to relax before the brain does. I am also looking for an anser. I see people that I have never seen before in vivid detail. I also hear things. Not just whispers. I guess we are not alone. What is this?

Sleepy wrote at 2014-10-03 11:42:07
I know the feeling of having these faces come at you. It bothers me a lot my father passed away one year and month ago. Prior to that I would see his face with a bright light behind him and it is his face that I see every night since his passing. His is not the only one though, right after that I will see random faces some old and some young its really weird and it bothers me a lot. Some of the sights I have been to research this say they can not make out the images, but I see the faces clearly and some are very scary and some are happy, sad etc.

I know when I see someone familiar and mind you my father passed a little over a year ago, but this has been going on for a long time. Sometimes I cannot sleep because of these faces, some really bother me.

One sight I went to said these may be spirits from people in the past or might be people you have not met yet.

What do you think? I personaly hate this, sometimes scary.

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