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Joe Finlayson wrote at 2008-11-18 15:44:12
Hello Fred,

  The issue seems to be the lack of engagement from the drive disk to the pulley.  When I squeeze the hand lever, the chain case assembly moves forward whch should froce the drive disk to engage with the piulley in a perpendicular fashion.  This does not happen as the rubber tire on the drive disk contacts the wheel axle.  i just can't seem to figure out how to adjust for the clearance I need to get the drive disk to turn freely.  if I turn the drive disk by hand, the wheels move fine.  I had it all apart, lubed everything up, replaced a suspect vearing and put it all back together.  same issue.



mnsouth wrote at 2013-01-08 04:16:44

Did you ever get your snowblower to work correctly?

The issue with the traction rubber tire rubbing on the drive axle may be because the axle bushings in the frame of the snowblower are worn egg shaped allowing the axle to sit closer to the rubber idler tire. I am not sure this is the complete answer to no forward motion. I believe there are 2 shims above the the drive disk which is held on the shaft by a circle clip. IF the clip was removed and the drive disk and then 1 of the shims were moved to under the drive disk the drive disk would be moved maybe 0.030" closer to the ruber idler tire. It doesn't sound like much but it just may be enough. I am going to try it since there is no adjustment iinformation from Snapper on this snowblower on their website anymore.

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