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Small Engines (Lawn Mowers, etc.)/B&S 14HP OHV intake valve/ cam lobe


khurram wrote at 2010-05-13 14:51:59
Finally received a call back from B&S yesterday after almost a week, and the product specialist sad he had no problems giving me a new camshaft as long as went back to my dealer to show him the old one. I explained I was no longer n that state, but could take it to my local dealer and he said that was fine. I also asked for a set of engine gaskets, which he authorized also. My local dealer, although cautious, said he would call the product specialist to get an RMA number and order the parts, but I would have to cover the shipping. So, we'll have to see how long before I get the parts.  

khurram wrote at 2010-05-18 16:31:27
Last update and closure ! I finally received a call from B&S product specialist (they didn't escalate internally for about a week so it got delayed). He read my history and immediately said he had no problem providing me with a new cam shaft, if I took the old cam to my authorized dealer for evaluation. I told him I moved state and he said this was no problem. I then asked him for a set of engine gaskets as well, and after a pause, agreed to that also. I know he saw the sense in this, since I really shouldn't have my $2800 zero turn in pieces on the floor for 3 weeks because of a catastrophic engine failure after only 100 hrs of use.  I let him know that I appreciated Briggs standing behind their products and would let others know this fact.

I called my local B&S dealer and they were caught off guard a little since I didn't have an RMA number, but I gave them the name and direct phone number of the product specialist (who encouraged me to do so in case of any doubt), and told them to check it out. They did so, and and then placed the order for the spares.

Once I got the cam on Friday, I began the rebuild on Saturday. Had it in the engine and rebuilt in about 2 hours, but then began to take my hydro out to check the oil levels. That was a not straight forward and required some jiggery pokery. Who tightens T30 bolts to over 100ft/lbs ? Yes 100 foot pounds !

Anyway, finally got the hydro out and wouldn't you believe it, the oil was perfect ! Well, now I know for sure.

Took me about another 4 hours to get everything back on the mower.

The mower started first time and ran very very strong. I had to adjust the carb linkages and governor but it was perfectly smooth and I have all my power back. The blades are running at an amazing speed now and the grass has no chance. I ran for about 2 hours yesterday, with a cooling break every 20 mins or so, and I will change the oil again this weekend just to get rid of the "broken" in camshaft sediment.

Thanks for helping me get to the resolution, and just goes to show that Briggs does have pride in their products and will stand behind them one you prove your case.

motorwiz wrote at 2015-05-03 22:48:50
PULL VALVE COVER FIRST THING, chances are the cam is toast, just turn the motor over by hand and compare lifter movement or travel, they should both be equal.  

Small Engines (Lawn Mowers, etc.)

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