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QUESTION: Paul i have a mtd snow blower snowflite 8/26 that i cant find the serial # on.I called mtd and they said that the # that i gave them was a chasis # which is model 319-800a and rite beside it the # 1278b. I looked for the serial # on the block and cant find one.The people at mtd said that is a 1979 blower,can u assit me with that, would be thankful for the info.    TODD

ANSWER: Hi Todd  

can you supply me a engine model number  - it should be stampped on blower cover somewhere on the engine - being 1979  its proberly a tecumseh model   but which model type

if you can give further details , description of engine i will try doing a x ref for you  
i have not had much success tracing anything down on the net  

i will try again with any  info on engine that you can supply me  

cheers  paul  

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Paul i had sent the serial numbers back to u 3 days ago havent heard from u so i will try again. The serial # is  Hm80-155127E  8248D. If these numbers r rite i would like to know what horse powes it is thanks     TODD

ANSWER: Hi Todd  

in answer to your hp  question

hm80 and h80  engines are  8 horsepower engines

with  18.65 cubic inch capacity  which = 305 cubic centimeters  (18.65 divided by 0.061)
stroke = 2.53 inches  and bore = 30.063 inches

here is web site for parts

sorry about delay - in process of service provider change over / switching

will let all experts know of  new email address when i know it  

cheers  hope this helps

cheers paul

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Paul one more thing is there points under the magneto cover?There is no spark so i took flywheel off and sanded magnet and flywheel but still no spark.I noticed that there is a cover on magneto with clip is there where the points r?

Hi Todd

yes -points are under that cover under the flywheel, make sure the points are opening and closing , if no spark  and the ground wire is not shorting anywhere ,  i would replace the points and condenser set  - make a note of wire connections , replace point and condenser , rotate crankshaft untill point is at its widest then set the point gap to 0.020 thou
tighten screw , to set timming  run the piston toward tdc  and stop when piston is 0.080 thou before tdc ( 2.03 mm )  disconnect wires at point/ condenser connection - use a multimeter set to buzzer mode and connect red lead to point wire conection and black lead to the earth loosen the 2 screws on the stator plate  and slowly rotate the stator plate untill the points  just break ( buzzer stops sounding) tighten the stator screws - fit cover plate and flywheel and timming key   tighten down flywheel nut - recheck for spark  , all going well should have spark   

here is a link to  service manual download   check out pages 68 -74

check out pages 68 -74

these may be clearer than my description  

cheers  paul, hope this helps  

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