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Hey Ben - I have a Poulan Weed Eater "blower" that I cannot get to run properly. It is a model FL1500LE - 711486. It will run but I have to set the choke just above full choke position. It will not stay running at 1/2 or choke off positions. Can this be adjusted, and if so how? Plug is new and correct gap. Any info will be greatly appreciated. You guys are great sharing yalls experience!! Thank You so very much!!

Set the leaf blower on the ground. Locate the black gas hose attached to the bottom of the gas tank. The hose will lead to the carburetor.
Squeeze the tines on the clamp holding the gas hose onto the side of the carburetor with your pliers, and slide the clamp off. Pull the gas hose off and point it into the jug to catch the old gas mixture.

Spray the carb cleaner spray directly into the carburetor via the hole you exposed by taking the gas hose off. Spray the cleaner for 10 seconds--this loosens all the old gummy gas and allows it to be injected and burned up in the engine the next time you start the leaf blower. Clamp the hose back onto the carburetor.
Unscrew the bolt that is screwed into the base of the carburetor with the pliers. (This will make the fuel bowl on the bottom of the carburetor fall off.) Dump out any old, gummy gas in the fuel bowl into the jug. Place the cap on the jug of the old gas/oil mixture and place it in your trash.
Spray carb cleaner in the bowl and on the entire area above the bowl. Place the fuel bowl back on and screw the fuel bowl bolt back in tightly.
Unscrew the cap on the gas tank and fill the tank full of a new gas/oil mixture made for your specific model of Poulan leaf blower. Replace the gas cap.

Start the leaf blower to burn up all the gummy gas you loosened up in the engine with the carb cleaner spray. Run the engine for several minutes, then shut it off.

"Also check this" On some of the poulan products the head bolts come loose. AND yes they will run if you prim them but only for a moment. It will probably need a new gasket i have used the old one cleaned up with a little high heat silicon. The rings are bad about gumming up with carbon but thats another story. P.S. be sure and use blue lock tit on the head bolts.

Small Engines (Lawn Mowers, etc.)

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