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Fuel Stabilizer Advice Needed: I just purchased a new Toro 724 QXE, and like to keep a 2 gallon can of gas in storage. What -- if any -- fuel stabilizer should I add to the gasoline container when filling it up?

Am getting really confused with all the strong opinions to use or not to use Seafoam, Stabil's many formulas, or Briggs & Stratton 5 in 1 Advanced formula.

My local dealer here is no help, as they say just use fresh gasoline every 30 days and empty the leftover in my car. That makes sense, but I can't empty the unused gas already in my snowblower!  

So, is there any downside for my Toro by using a stabilizer to my 2 gallon gas can upon filling it -- and Which Brand and Formula is really best for my use?

Also, dealer says to use at least 89 Octane gasoline, and premium is even better.  Toro says 87 Octane.  (We live in NY).

Thank you.

I am not sure but I suspect the stabilizer products are very similar, probably only made by a few manufactures who put different labels on containers depending on the customer.

Personally, I use Stabil almost all the time because I can get it in a large bottle. I add it to all my small gas cans and one of my motorcycles...the one that sits most of the time.  However, I do drain/siphon the fuel with Stabil every 6 months and then refill with new, fresh fuel with Stabil and ride it for a few miles to circulate the fresh fuel with Stabil...then it sits for another 6 months.

Many of my close friends use Sea Foam as an additive.  I have used it but not as much as Stabil.

You should be fine with either product, just make sure to get new fuel, add Sea Foam or Stabil every 6 months.

I have tested Stabil and I got 18 months on a half gallon of 2 cycle string trimmer gas..this was in the late 90's when the fuel really got bad.

More IMPORTANT...try to stay away from ethanol fuel.  It is difficult to find, only one place sells it in bulk in the city I live.  Since you can't really avoid ethanol, at a economical price, use the LOWEST amount (%) of ethanol fuel...some places sell 15% and others sell 10% blended.  I use Shell as they blend "up to 10%".

The ethanol % will be stated on the gas law there is supposed to be a sticker or something indicating the ethanol.

You can buy ethanol free fuel at Lowe's and Home Depot but it is $6 to $8 per quart...that is $24 to $32 per gallon...TOO expensive to use all the time.

You can use pump fuel for the winter season and drain at the end of winter.  Refill with the ethanol free and run it for a few minutes before storing.


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