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Ava wrote at 2007-07-26 20:10:01
I have the same problem with my LT1000. We keep the Lawn Tractor underneath our deck and for the past couple days all we could smell was gas whenever we walked by.

rm3rd wrote at 2008-04-22 19:21:27
I have the same craftman tractor...about 4-5 years old...I had same strong fuel smell late last year...just had the repair guy tell me that the tank has a leak...sounds like this model should be recalled by sears!

john wrote at 2008-04-25 18:25:12
Same model.  Same problem.  No help from Sears.

Bought in 12/01.  Recall #s stopped up to 8/01.  Must buy new tank, even though issus with tank and model of tractor are same.

john wrote at 2008-04-25 18:46:36
I understand Sears designates a difference between "A service flash" and a "recall."  The item/labor will be covered, but not service charge, for "A service flash" issue. This fuel tank, for the LT1000, is such an issue.  A "recall" will cover everything.  This tank is not on the recall list, but is on the "service flash" list.  I think it's a way for sears to keep customers who are, logically, calling about a recall, from getting the item and repair work done at their expense.  Maybe you can even do the work yourself, and have the part shipped to you, to save the service charge.  There has been a recall for these fuel tanks; but, inexplicably, not every model is covered, (there is a cutoff date), even though the tank is the same in later models.

tony wrote at 2008-09-06 22:58:12
Happened to mine too. Tank is right under the seat and it takes a beating as you board the tractor and sit down. It is not too difficult to replace and a new tank costs about $35.

chuckiebaby wrote at 2009-08-10 01:24:19
this problem happen to me and by the time i figured it ruined my lawn...brown spots everywhere..

i was so livid...the guy who sold it to me had to have known..i noticed spots all over his yard when i bought it

wardawg wrote at 2009-09-17 21:53:25
I have an LT1000 with the same leak.  I bought it in 2001 - I just called sears recall line 800-659-7029 and they are sending out a tech to replace the tank free of charge.  This is a recall issue as my mower has been out of warantee for several years.

greg wrote at 2010-03-07 04:43:50
I had the same problem with a Craftsman L-1000. The gas tank split right at the seam. My neighbor said his did the same thing. Definitely needs to be recalled.  

Rob wrote at 2010-03-28 16:08:11
Same problem here.  Called Sears and they said it would be $25.99 + shipping/tax. The defective design has been replaced by part number 184900. So tough luck...

frogerkevin wrote at 2010-05-11 12:52:52
i own 2 lt 1000 one about 8 years one newer one

the newer one is also leaking around the seems

having trouble finding a new one

this looks like a common problem to me

ec_can wrote at 2010-10-22 13:55:59
Had the same leaking tank problem with my LT1000.  Thanks to this site, I convinced the repair "specialist" on the phone to check into the "service flash" database, and she finally agreed that they should replace it free.  Then the technician came to my house, confirmed it was leaking, and wanted $300.00 to order the part and cover the service call.  I had to tell him about the "service flash" as his computer didn't show it.  He called and they finally agreed to fix it free.  They shipped the part to me (part #188462).  I put the part in myself, then 6 weeks later Sears called to remind me a sevice guy was coming the next day to fix my mower. They didn't seem to know what the other hand was doing.  Anyway, end result, I got a new tank for my mower at no cost.

Richard Seeney wrote at 2011-07-02 03:07:19
I just bought the Lt1000 OFF a friend of mine. I replaced a few parts  to get it operating well than noticed the tank split in the. Can I get a free tank if this is a recall? IF I can I will have a good mower. Easy to replace by owner.

B-Reck wrote at 2013-05-06 19:21:42
same problem for the past 2 years.  called sears at the number WARDAWG suggested, and they confirmed it would be replaced free!  because of that, we had a tech come out 2 days later. tech comes to replace the tank and fix some other issues, but has to come back with the correct parts.  He wanted almost $800 to fix evertying, including to charge for the gas tank.  we said no way, that's almost the price of a New tractor!  we called sears back the next day, and went through 3 different people including managers.  none of them would honor the Free Gas tank (which would cost them a few dollars for the part). in addition, we still had to pay the $95 service call, which we only had because we had already confirmed the gas tank issued would be fixed free. so, we told them 'ok, we will buy a new tractor elsewhere at a competitors location'.  Sears reps could have cared less about the loss of a sale.

In addition, the Tech wanted $80 to order a new tank, while its $60 on the searspartsdirect website, and like 75 when we called sears directly.  idk what is going on with this company cause the pricing is all over the place.

gary wilson wrote at 2015-11-13 15:52:53
i bought a craftsman riding mower in 2012. my gas tank has just started leaking in 2015. sears says they will replace the tank free  but they would have to send a tech out to do that and charge me 90.00. they had a recall on these tanks that ended in 2001 so this tells me that they have never fix the problem and are still selling mowers with defective gas tanks. no more craftsman products for me because they won't stand behind them

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