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Randy wrote at 2009-08-05 15:26:31
I have a commercial Dixon ztr 44 mag bought in 2007.

Have replaced the battery 3 times--the machine only has about 20 hours on it. I was advised that the connections were not tight, so I disconnected them on both the positive and negative on the battery and the starter and cleaned them. At the same time I installed a third new battery--which I had tested before I purchased it to be sure I had a good one. Still the mower will not start. If I repeatedly engage the key and get the clicking sound--it will eventually engage and start. Dixon has a problem with one of the starting components--not sure yet what it may be, but I can always start it if I take a wrench or screwdriver and jump the terminals on the bottom of the solenoid to starter. I paid over $3700 for this thing. It would be nice if it would start reliably. If anybody has corrected this--it would be nice to hear your solution.

Randy wrote at 2009-08-06 16:55:36
You didn't specify which Dixon mower you have. There are residential and commercial grade mowers and each has a different motor. Some solenoids are located on the frame of the unit like older model cars and some are part of the starter and cannot be replaced (the entire starter unit/solenoid must be replaced). I have a 2006 Ram 44 ztr with a 20 hp kohler motor. My Dixon has only 18 hours on it and my mower started clicking when I tried to start it. It actually never started very well from the beginning. But since I spent $3800 on it, I thought I'd better make it work. I Replaced the battery and it did start for a while but then went back to clicking. I removed the ground from the battery to the motor and cleaned all terminals with sandpaper and steel wool and reconnected. Also cleaned the positive side terminals on the battery and starter connections. Still got the clicking. Tested the new battery and voltage to the starter and had over 12 volts, so I checked all of the safety switch connections--all tested fine.

I just spent $187 plus tax to replace the starter/solenoid. The mower now starts every time.

I believe that the starter/solenoid was defective from the beginning--too bad that it was out of warranty when the problem really got bad. If your mower has a frame mounted solenoid--I would try replacing that first (only costs $15 or so)Then if that doesn't work and it still won't start--replace the starter. Most of them are made by GM (Delco)--made in Korea--so they probably are highly suspect. If your mower has a starter/solenoid unit--just replace it and it will start.

Doc Harry wrote at 2014-11-11 06:13:12
Also check the cables. You would be surprised how many cables have a bad connection between the cable and the lugs or connections crimped or molded to each end of the cable. Light load under such conditions will give you full voltage but with a High resistance connection you will get a voltage drop. Its simply Ohms Law.  

Anita Nichols wrote at 2015-04-22 23:48:35
I don't have your answer but I am having the same problem with my dixon.  I have replaced the battery, replaced the solenoid.  Recharged the new battery and kicked the tires and everything else I could find to kick.  I have nothing but problems with this dixon!!  I went out and bought a Kubota - what the heck.

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