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Small Household Appliances/Westinghouse Single Open Burner Portable Electric Hot Plate 120v/1000w Model #HV10-1


Westinghouse Single Open Burner  Portable Electric Hot Plate 120v/1000w Model #HV10-1 - Top Burner
Westinghouse Single Op  

Westinghouse Single Open Burner  Portable Electric Hot Plate 120v/1000w Model #HV10-1 - Side View
Westinghouse Single Op  
I am having to appraise all items in my grandparents home due to their recent death. I am supposed to get an approximate retail value, and fair market value,(basically what people are paying on Ebay or auction sites right now).
I am trying to find out as much information as I can on this Westinghouse Electric Single Hotplate/Burner Model #HV10-1, which I have not had much luck at all.
Any information you could give me would be great.
*Date manufactured
*Good qualities, reviews, etc.
*Was it ever, or still is, one of the better/more popular vintage models made around that time, and with basically the same specs.
*Any tips on filling out a description that will best highlight all good, and most looked for, items, qualities, functions, comparisons, etc.
The model I have in my possession works great and has almost no scratches or wear and tare.
Thanks so much, and any information is much appreciated!

This unit looks to be in excellent condition.  Sad to say they have not been made since the 1950s and there never was any literature on them.  If you can not find one on Ebay it will be very difficult to put a price on it as there are not many for sale.  I would guess that it should be worth at least $40 or maybe more.  They are basically worth what ever you can get for them.

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