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I bought a Mixmaster Model 10 at a thrift shop.  It runs well as far as I can tell.  All the speeds work, the bowl turns, etc...  I took off the front casing and cleaned out the old grease from the gears and shafts, re-greased it, cleaned out all the dirt, flour, etc., that I could see and added new oil. So far I've made two batches of cookies and the mixer doesn't slow down in the dough or anything like that, seems to work nicely.  One thing I have noticed is in speeds 1-3 there is a bit of a static sound although everything turns nicely, and the other speeds sound terrific.  Is the static sound a sign of anything that needs cleaned/repaired, or just to be expected at its age?  Also, I notice a very minor motor smell when it's running, like grease or oil burning, just want to know if that's a sign of anything. Also, based on this description, does it sound like a mixer that I should be able to get some years of use from before it becomes unrepairable?  Thanks

It sounds like you have done the maintenance correctly as far as you went.  The noise that you are hearing is the points sparking on the speed control.  The only thing that you could try is to file the contact points but sometimes they are worn down to far already.  I have seen them so bad that there are no contact points left.  Sorry to tell you but there is no real repair for this problem as the speed control parts are no longer available.  I would recommend that you run it on as high a speed as you can and do not use the lower speeds unless you really have to.  This will make it last as long as possible.

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