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I have a waffle iron Its an Dominion Electric corp model 1311-A.
As I replaced the cord and plug it in. It would not heat up. I took it apart and saw that the coiled wire heating element was broken.  My question is where can I get that wire and what can i use to replace that wire? Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

You have two choices.  You can replace both top and bottom elements as they have to be exactly
 the same or you can repair the old element.  If it is in a position where you can get a crimp splice on the wire, it is much easier to repair.  You have to have a high temp. crimp splicer (no plastic on it).  Crimp the two ends together and you should be done.  If it is in the middle of a coil, be sure that the crimp does not touch another coil.  If you can not find a high temp. crimp splice, please contact us at:  Kiefer Appliance  email:   or phone at: 608-221-3322.

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