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Hello Wayne,

I am a homeowner rebuilding in NJ after Sandy, I am also a Mechanical Engineer so I would say I have a little more working knowledge than the average homeowner.  We have purchased a KitchenAid Microwave- Model: KHMS2040BSS-0 oven and are placing it in an undercabinet location not above a range just to save counterspace.  The dimensions of this microwave also fit perfectly the specs of the space intended.  It contains a dual axial exhaust blower that comes with a default position towards the door with internal ducting that discharges forward and up above the door.  It works fine in this capacity and there is no interference from the cabinets  The instructions also include options for positioning the blower for Wall Venting or Roof Venting to ductwork.  My question is since I am not using the exhaust feature contained within this unit, is this fan necessary or does it also double for oven component cooling?  This blower is rather noisy and if not necessary I would prefer to disconnect and remove.  I contacted KitchenAid online Live Assistance directly but they gave me the generic response that they do not support that recommendation and said they are not technicians and could not answer weather the blower is necessary for my application.  This is what led me to

Many thanks,
Chris DeFonce

I am not familiar with this particular model oven but will try to give you an answer.  I am not sure if you have an outside fan vent or not.  If you do and the draft is sufficient, you should not need the blower on the unit.  If you are internally venting the unit, you have to use the blower on the unit.  The internal fan should be adequate to cool the unit.

I should ask you if this is just a microwave or is it a convection oven as well?  If it is a convection as well it should be vented outside as there is more heat build-up.

We are mainly a small appliance repair shop so do not deal with microwaves much.

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