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The motor comes on and runs but the blender will not blend. The blades turns very slowly. The square drive assembly turns freely, but the driver assembly only turns when the motor is on. I don't know if there is a broken gear or what the issue is.  I can't figure out how to remove the square drive assembly or the motor.  The fan at the bottom of the motor will move independently of the square drive.  What is the problem and can you tell me how to take it apart?

There is a coupling made of rubber with two metal ends.  One end screws into the motor shaft and the other is threaded to take the square drive.  The rubber coupling is broken.  The part is not expensive but you will have to break the large driver to get the motor out and replace the coupling.  Therefore you need a new large driver and coupling.  I think we still have these parts but not sure.  Please contact us and we will give you some costs:
There is a picture of this unit with parts on our web site:

We have sometimes been able to unscrew the large driver but only about 10% of the time and we have a special tool to take it out.  We usually end up using a chisel on the plastic driver and splitting it in half.  Then the whole motor can be removed from the bottom.  We do it all the time and it is about a two hour job if everything goes right, which never happens.

If you would like us to do the job, you are probably looking at $50-$75 labor + parts.

If you need more help or parts, let me know.

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