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waffle light
waffle light  
QUESTION: I picked up a nice old electric waffle maker at a garage sale.  It's just what I wanted and it works great, but the little light bulb on top (which usually comes on when preheated and goes off when waffle is done) doesn't work.  I am having a heckuva time on the internet finding much at all about these indicator lights.  Is there some parts warehouse where I could buy one? I've already removed the old one and the contacts look pretty clean.  

The unit is made by Dominion, Model 1316, dated 1967.  Any advice will be much appreciated.

ANSWER: If there is an actual bulb under the cover you should be able to just get a small bulb and screw it in.  You have to have the correct voltage and socket size.  If it is a bulb, you can check if it is good by using a volt/ohm meter.  If it has a complete circuit is should be good.

Some of these old units had a neon bulb in them.  If this is the case there should be a small resistor in the line with the bulb.  Sometimes the resistor burns out. This kind of bulb has to be connected through the thermostat.

To find out what you have you will have to dismantle the top plate and see what is there.

If you can take a picture of the inside, send it to me and I probably can determine what you have.

If you do not feel that you can take it apart, you can send it to us for service but you are probably looking at $50-60 labor + return shipping to repair it.  I am just trying to give you some options.  

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Heat Element Exposed
Heat Element Exposed  

Indicator piece
Indicator piece  
QUESTION: I'm attaching two more pix inside the unit... that's all this form allows. If you look at the heating element and plate on the underside of the wafflemaker lid, there are two metal post-type structures rising from the plate NEAR where the indicator light sits.  But they don't seem to have any use other than creating a space for the heating coil. The indicator light has no connection to anything, appears to be a piece of faceted plastic or resin that is prong-mounted into a hole in the lid, and rests just above the temperature setting knob on the front of the lower unit.  If it ever did light up, it must have been by magic!  
I appreciate your answer and look forward to your reply again. Thank you.

I think you are right in that it must light by magic.  I am sorry but I can not tell from the picture exactly where the plastic insert goes in the cover.  If there are no wires connected to the light directly it may just be a window to the element.  Some of the old appliances had a colored window right over the heating element and when the element glowed it would show through the plastic. When the thermostat turned off the element stopped glowing and the light went off.  If this is not the case, someone has removed the actual light.  This does happen.

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