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I took apart a Dormeyer 4200 to replace the cord for my grandmother, who still likes to use it for the convenient size and weight. Glad I did, the cord was not only in pieces outside, but insulation had exposed bar wire inside the case.
Back together, and test. There is only one speed now. It goes on, and stays at one speed. Seems like it is straining a bit to do anything faster. She said it was working fine before.
I can't figure out what actually controls the speed. As you slide the 'dial' a piston type thing appears to push in and out, but I can't see now that is changing anything.
Any help on what I have done so that it now only has one speed (and it is really slow, so not really useful).

We never did repair many of this model mixer but I do know that if a Sunbeam or Hamilton Beach mixer only runs on one speed the capacitor is shorted out and has to be replaced.  This may not be the problem with your mixer as worked before you took it apart.  If you can find the large capacitor, be sure that both ends of it are connected.  One may have broken off when you took it apart.

It does sound like you may have not gotten all of the parts back where they belong.  The only way to tell is to take it apart again and see if you can see what you misplaced.  It sounds like the speed control is not connected correctly.  I would start there.

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