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I have an old Purckelers coffee purculator that
the appears to need a fuse.  The res. across the element is 28 ohms (about right for 450 W).  It looks like the fuse holds down a contact and breaks if the temperature gets to high, (not an electrical high current fuse?).  Where can I get a fuse, and/or am I on the right track? Your valued suggestions would be appreciated.  There were two small pieces of wire bent to form a hook that may be the remains of the fuse. How about soldering those bad boys together?

Soldering is out of the question as the temp. is too high and it will melt solder.
I do not know how old your unit is but most of the newer ones have a disc thermostat and a fuse in them.  If the unit does not heat at all, you should replace the fuse.  If it will not heat very hot or does not keep the coffee hot after brewing, you should replace the thermostat.
The older units may not have a thermostat.  The fuse is in the 128 degree C range.  If you can take a picture of the inside of the unit I may be able to tell what you have.

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