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I have a vintage Universal Coffematic percolator model 4460 and it has 2 problems. 1) when it is on strong brew, it will not stop percolating and, 2)The ready light does not work. There is a metal plug in the bottom that we took out, can it be adjusted. Thank you.

The metal disc on the bottom of this unit is probably a fuse. It is like a heat sensitive switch that will either let electricity through or not. If it is brewing at all the fuse is good.   

There should be a thermostat in this unit that regulates how hot the water gets.  When the thermostat reaches the set temp. it should open and stop the brew cycle.  When it is hot enough the thermostat will open and turn on the ready light.  The thermostat is not opening and therefore not turning on the light.  Some of these old thermostats were adjustable.  There should be a small screw on the unit if it one of the adjustable type.  Some are not and therefore have to be replaced but these parts are no longer available.

You do not say if it is turning off at a lower setting.  If it is you may want to try a lower setting and use a little more coffee.  That may work.

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