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Good Evening Mr. Kiefer, I have an old Russell Hobbs coffee maker. It used to be my uncles and when he decided to upgrade I took his little brown 3302 off his hands as I love it. Unfortunately the carafe broke the other day and I have been searching for a replacement ever since. I have contacted Russell Hobbs directly but have not heard back yet. Do you know anywhere or anyone that may still have one lurking on their shelf that I could purchase? If not would you be able to tell me if any other carafe would fit it? I would really hate to throw the little machine away as it is in perfect working order otherwise and has been in our family for a very long time. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours Faithfully C.

Russell Hobbs is a very different coffee maker.  I do have a lot of odd carafes but need to know some information about yours.

What is the diameter of the heating plate where the carafe sits?
What is the distance from the plate to the bottom of the brew basket?
Does the basket fit into the carafe or attach onto the machine itself?
What is the diameter of the top of the carafe at its smallest point?

If you will give me this information, I will see if I can match it with what I have in old carafes.  Please contact us directly at:    Please send a copy of this email with your information.  Thank you.

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