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Kenmore 1932 Coffee Pot
Kenmore 1932 Coffee Po  
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I have a vintage Kenmore Coffee Pot circa 1932.
4.58 amps 500 watts  Model 529-6715

The fuse won't always work. I am told it is a "lead fuse wheel", which gives about 8 resets and then it's done. I have no idea where to get replacements.

I read online that someone re soldered theirs and it works.

But another person said "Fuses are generally soldered with a melt- point related to a particular over- amperage. This is sort of like sticking a penny into an older style fuse socket to replace a fuse.

If you're in love with the coffeepot, use it but don't walk away while it's brewing, and dump the finished product into a carafe of some kind when it's done. The pot itself is a potential fire hazard.

What you had is essentially a fusible link that was meant to blow when the current was too high, and it probably used a solder meant to melt at about that point. Whatever you re- soldered it with probably isn't so engineered.
No big deal, just be sure you supervise it."

Any suggestions? Your best advice.

Again, thank you for your generosity in helping us online!
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All of the information that you have been given is accurate. These old coffee makers did not have a thermostat in them.  They do not turn off after brewing.  I have wired some of these old units with an up-to-date system but it usually takes a lot of engineering.  The fuse is not as bad as trying to wire in a thermostat.  All of the new fuses are heat type fuses similar to the old lead fuse.  They blow at a specified temp.  Usually between at around 180-218 degrees "C".
If you can remove the old fuse and can attach the new type fuse you should be in business.  The new ones only blow once and they have to be replaced.  The new fuses come with a wire coming out of each end that can be attached.  If you can send me a picture of the under side of the unit with the bottom plate removed I may be able to tell if you can use a new type fuse.

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Please send the picture through either AllExperts or  and yes we do have the fuses.  

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