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photo-3.JPG (Screw sh  

I have a Shark iron, model no. GI468 purchased last year. It is 1500 watts. The cord was accidentally cut and I would like to replace it ( I am handy).  What is the best place to purchase a replacement cord, is there a particular brand I should get and anything specific I need to look for ?

Also, there are some screws that would have to be removed and they look like Phillips but are not and they are not a hex screw either.  Can you tell me what type of screw driver I will need ?  I have attached a photo tying to show the screw image.

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All appliances are made today so the average user can not take them apart.  This type of screw is one of them.  It is probably made in China.  Sometimes you can find a bit that will fit these but you will have to probably buy a hole set of bits to get the right one at a building center.
Then just when you think you have found one that will work, they but a little tab right in the middle so you can not get the bid into the hole.  If this is the case, you will need a 5 point bit with a hole in the middle.  The cord has to be an HPN type of cord for a heating appliance.
We have the cords and will be glad to sell you one if you can get the plate off.
Be sure that the cord does not have a special end on it as we only carry generic cords with only wires on the end that goes into the iron.  We can but a lot of different connectors on the cord but not a swivel or special end to your iron.
They try to make it very difficult to get into appliances today so people will not try to repair them.  Good luck.

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