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My wife has a model 4300 mixer that began squeaking and getting hot with a few minutes of use.  I have opened up the gearbox to find gooey and dried up oil/grease inside. All of the gear sets and bearings look to be in great shape.  I have cleaned all of the grease and oil and I am ready to reassemble.  From what I can tell the original goo was a blue colored oil.  Is this gearbox supposed to have a certain oil level or can I simply use a thick automotive type grease on the gears?  Can you recommend a type or brand of oil if grease will not do.  Thank you!!

We use a good brand of automotive wheel bearing grease.  Oil is really not thick enough and will not stick to the gears like wheel bearing grease. We use the same grease on all mixers that we clean and lube. The bearings should be oiled with a good light oil from the inside now that you have it apart.  There may be some exterior holes that you can use to oil it on a regular basis.  Only a few drops in each hole every 10 or so uses.  It sounds like you may have a resistor that may be overheating as well.  If you can run the unit with the case off see how hot the resistor is getting.  If you can not, close it up and see how it runs.  It sounds like you are having fun with the old Doymeyer.  It should last for many more years.  Dormeyer went out of business over 35 years ago so be very careful with beaters as they are very rare.  Be sure the gears are timed correctly when you reassemble the unit.  Good luck.

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