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Greetings Mr. Kiefer,
I have a Farberware FCP 364B Urn. It will go through a perk cycle and at the end of the cycle the temp is 180 F. After sitting around for about 45 minutes the temp will drop to 140 it will then repeat a perk cycle. Is it  the "keep hot" rope element or the thermostat or both that needs to be changed?
Thank You Kindly,
Ralph Mosery

keepwarm Farberware
keepwarm Farberware  
The keep-warm rope heater is not working.  That is why it is re-perking. The thermostat is probably good as it did perk the first time.  I am not sure which one that you have but I have attached a picture of one that we have that should fit.  If it looks like it will fit your coffee maker, please let me know and we can send it to you.  The two short wires have a small slide connector on them and the main connectors are larger.  It is $13.95 + 5.00 shipping if you would like it.  Thank you.
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