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Dear Mr. Kiefer,
I have a Farberware Coffee Urn FCP 412-A It perks the coffee but right after this cycle when you go to pour,it doesn't seem as hot as it should be. Is there a way to determine if it's the main heating element, the thermostat or the keep warm rope element? Is there any way to test each of these parts with an ohm-meter perhaps?What should be the temperature right after perk and at the keep warm mode.
Thank You Kindly,
Ralph Mosery ( I've been an All experts, expert for years)

If it is perking, the main element is good.  If it is hot right after it perks, the thermostat is probably doing its job as well.  That leaves the keep-warm element that probably is the problem.  The temp. should be about 160-180 degrees after brewing.  Check it after it sits for about 1/2 hour and see if it stays in that range.  If not the keep-warm element should be replaced.  The main element and thermostat should have continuity through them to be good.  The keep-warm will have resistance but still have continuity.  All of the units have to be isolated during the checking process.  

If you do require parts, we do have a good selection.  Please call us so we can get the correct parts as some of the newer models that are made in China have a little different configuration.
Please call us at:  608-221-3322 and talk to Jason.   Thanks.

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