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Hi Wayne I have a maytag refrigerator, it's only a little over a yr. old.  the model is MBF1958XEW4  Serial # question is re; the noises it makes. it makes like a buzzer sound just for a couple of seconds.  then all kinds of clunking sounds, only way I can describe it.  on and off for a few mins. then it'a quiet.  after awhile starts up again.  People who have been in my kitchen wondered why it makes noises I wish I knew.
The food seems OK it's cold .  the freezer items are frozen. so I guess it works.  would you happen to know why these noises. I just received an elec. bill that seems higher than usual ..would the refrigerator have anything to do with that. it's not that old relatively new refrigerator  thanks for the help.

If it is only a little over a year old it will still be under warranty.  I would call your local Maytag dealer and they should be able to help you.  We do not get into any large appliances but it does not sound normal to me.  It may be something simple like the cooling fan hitting on something.  Check your warranty material and give them a call.

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