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I have a VITANTONIO PIZZELLE MAID AUTOMATIC that may be about 75 years old.  It quit heating and tried another cord since I had 2 for this unit.
I it repairable.

We are familiar with some of the newer models but not one quite this old.  They are similar to a waffle baker in design and have a lot of the same components.  The only thing that I could recommend is to send the unit to us and we will be glad to take a look at it.  If it can be repaired. we can do that as well.  A lot of times a wire will burn off internally and we can rewire it.  If the heating element is defective, it may be a problem.  We have been able to adapt newer parts to some of these old units in some cases.

If you would like us to estimate the repair, please send the unit to us at:  Kiefer Appliance, 4511 Monona Dr. Monona, Wi. and include a $20 estimate fee.  We will take the unit apart and see if we can repair it.  If we can repair it, we will call you with an estimate.  If we repair the unit the estimate fee will be deducted from the total cost.

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