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top of mixer bodyd
top of mixer bodyd  
QUESTION: I need to  replace the handle on my Dormeyer Silver Chef 4300.  I have the new handle.  

There's a wire that seems to go around a screw and through the beater release.  The handle has a lever inside that either the wire or the beater release gets attached to.   I don't know which and not sure how to accomplish it even if I did.

Can you help direct me?

ANSWER: Sorry to take so long to answer but I had to check with my repairman and I only work two days a week.  

He says that it is not an easy procedure.  As you look at the picture that you sent to us, the left end goes over the screw and the right end hooks on the trigger.  Then you have to place the handle on the mixer at the same time that you hook the spring onto the trigger.  It sometimes takes him a while to attach the spring so do not feel bad that you can not get it the first time.
Good luck.  If you need another handle, we still have two left for this mixer.

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---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I'm sorry to impose again, but I do have another question.

I can't change the position of the base from "Large Bowl" to "Small Bowl".  I thought I just had to turn the stand (the part that holds the actual mixer).  It wobbles slightly but doesn't turn.  

I don't see any buttons or other release mechanisms, but maybe I'm missing something?

I just received this from my repairman:   What she has to do is grab the part of the stand where the mixer sits on and rotate it, there is no lever, she just have to turn it by hand. Kind of like the Sunbeam 10, 11 and 12, just without the lever.

I hope it helps.

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