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I have a small Mantle clock with a pendulum which chimes every half hour.

It is not very expensive but has sentimental value. I have ahd it repaired 3 times now at considerable cost but for some reason it just keeps stopping.

I can't quite understand why. The guy who repaired it said it is working fine but it just won't keep going.

I'd appreciate any help you might be able to give.

Many Thanks

ANSWER: I would assume that the movement is a wind-up type movement with two wind holes in the face.
I have found that if the mainsprings are not lubricated properly sometimes the clock will stop after running for some time.  They will stick and not unwind as they should. Every clock that I work on gets the springs lubricated.

I also place every movement that I repair into an ultrasonic cleaner.  This removes all of the dirt in the gear teeth.  Sometimes a small piece of dirt in a gear tooth will cause a problem.

Is your clock level?  Listen to the tick-tock and see if it is equal on both.  If it is not equal, the clock probably will not run properly.  You may have to place a small spacer under one end or the other of the clock case to raise it. If the beat is equal it should run.

In order to minimize any problems, I usually allow clocks to run at the shop for at least three weeks or three winds.  This gives me the opportunity to set the speed of the clock and to make sure that it will stay running.

Clocks are sometimes very touchy and that is why I let them run at the shop for a while.  Even then I have had a few not run after transporting them home. I also will work on a clock the second time at no charge if it will not run.

I hope this gives you some useful information.

If I can be of more help, please let me know.

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QUESTION: Thank you very much. That is useful.

I have had it cleaned and repaired twice and both times they carried out the work that you mentioned.

Lubrication is unfamiliar to me. Is there a special lubricant that needs to be used or will WD40 work for example????

I have also tried the spacers but only under one edge. I will try the other edge.

Many Thanks for your help

Do not use WD 40.  You can order a special clock oil that does not get rancid.  Try the Empire Clock Co. web site for the oil.  You can order it in a small bottle with a needle dropper attached.  You only oil one drop on each bushing on both sides of the brass plates.  It sounds like you may need a new bushing or two but the repair people should have tested for loose bushings.  Remember that you listen to the tick tock and see if it is equal on both sides.  If not shim one side or the other until it is equal.  

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