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I recently acquired my mothers old Dormeyer mixer it isa model 4300 silver chef. I recently serviced it and lubricated it and added a new power cord but when the machine runs at low speed there is a component that is wOund around a metal bar in the back of the motor that heats up so badly that it smokes. It does not heat up on high speed only low speed what is this component and can I sub a new part in there for it

All of these old mixers used a very large resistor to shunt the electricity into only on low speed.  The motor does not require it on high speed because all of the electricity is going to run the motor.  That is why it is so hot only on low speed.
It should get hot and the reason it is smoking could be that it has flour on the coils.  Be sure to clean the coils well and see if that makes a difference. If not you will have to find a replacement resistor.  See if there are any markings on the resistor.  You may find one on an electronic parts web site.

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