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Hello Mr. Kiefer,

I am attempting to disassemble my Bunn NHBX coffee maker. It hasn't been used or cleaned in several years, and after trying several others I want to go back to my tried and true favorite machine. So I'd like to give it a through cleaning if possible! This is the exact model

I want to clean out the reservoir but cant get access to it. I took off the bottom plate and disconnected all the electronic components but the tank wont come out. It doesn't appear to be glued in. So I thought I might need to take off the top of the machine somehow but do not see a way. If you can help with this, I'd be very appreciative!


The best way to clean a Bunn is by using Dip-It or some other delimer that is safe for food use.
We never repaired any Bunn coffee makers because Bunn will not sell anyone parts.  You have to return it to the factory and they will charge you a lot of money for them to rebuild the unit.
You can purchase a new unit for less than what they charge for a rebuild.

Let the delimer sit in the coffee maker for about 15 minutes and then run it through.  You may have to do this more than once as it has two tanks.  

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