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I have a Dormeyer Mixwell model SM6 WH1. The unit is complete sans the bowls and the little plastic button on the speed control but I need a gear set. The unit is in almost perfect condition however the right beater and meat grinder work intermittently. I am somewhat mechanically inclined and it seems the worm gear maybe the culprit but I would like to purchase the complete gear set if I can. I seem to remember my father replacing the motor back in the 60s or 70s when they were still in business and it runs real strong. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

These units have not been made for over 40 years and I doubt that you will find a set of gears for you mixer except maybe on Ebay.  You will probably have to purchase a whole mixer just to get the gears.  Be sure if you do this, to get the exact same model as they different for different models.  Some of these mixers had a set screw that holds the gear to the shaft.  See if this set screw may be loose before going any further.

There is another group that you can try.  They have helped me now and then:    We Actually Collect Electric Mixers(WACEM)

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