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I have a Sharp Carousel Grill 2 Convection microwave that has a bake element on the floor of the microwave, just like a traditional standard oven.

The only turntable it comes with (and is available for that model) is a teflon coated metal tray, which has been peeling off and catching fire.  

I would like to replace the metal tray with glass.  Keep in mind the turntable support is a circular metal disc that is 7" in diameter.  I have found a suitable glass replacement as far as size and function goes.

However I'm aware that microwaves go through glass, so now the bake element will be exposed to the microwaves when the appliance is in use, whereas before - with the metal turntable as a shield - the waves were deflected away, into the center of the chamber.

My question is - will the bake element be damaged, spark, or catch fire if it is nuked?

I have tested this for one minute of the microwave being turned on with a purex bowl replacing the teflon turntable.  In that time, I couldn't detect a problem, but that is no comparison to having something be microwaved for 20 minutes.

I should note that I won't be using the convection nor grilling feature of this microwave at all.  Just the microwave.

If you could shed some light on the safety of bake elements being exposed to microwaves for indefinite durations of cooking, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you!

ANSWER: If you are not ever going to use the bake elements, why don't you remove them.  Then the glass turntable will work just fine.  Be sure to also remove the two feed wires to the elements and place a ceramic wire nut on the end of each feed wire.  Also tie them up so they can not short out.
You also may want to disconnect the feed wires to the bake timer so there is no chance of getting current to the wires.

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QUESTION: I appreciate the suggestion, Wayne.  However, I'm afraid I'm on my own when it comes to this so I would not be able to properly do these steps myself...and I don't know anybody willing or able to help with these steps.

Would it be okay to leave the bake element in?  Knowing it will be exposed to the micro waves?

Thank you,

Eventually it will burn out the main microwave heating tube.  Also if food spatters get on the element or the sides of the oven, microwaves will concentrate on these spots and burn through the surface.  I guess what I am saying is it is not a good idea to run it without the plate.

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