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Wire Assembly
Wire Assembly  
#30 HB Mixer Base
#30 HB Mixer Base  
QUESTION: I have a Number 30 Hamilton Beach Drink Master malt/milkshake mixer circa 1950-1960.  I purchased and have disassembled and cleaned.  However, several parts need replaced and the wiring on the wiring assembly is badly dry rotted and in need of replacement. While I have disassembled I'd like to replace some of these parts including the wiring assembly.  Is there somewhere I can order these parts, and do you know where I might find a parts list?  If not I could probably reheat solder remove wires, clean and re-solder new wiring but would rather replace if possible.  Or, would you recommend source where I might ship and have repaired professionally?  Thoughts?

ANSWER: We service a number of these but if you already have it apart it would be worth your time to just replace the wiring.  Parts have not been available for these units for over 30 years.  There really are not many parts that go bad on these units.  Check the switch contacts inside of the base and file them if needed.  Also check the contacts at the motor and file if needed. The motor brushes should be also checked and replaced if needed.   We always install a three wire cord because the unit is all metal and it should be grounded.  If you need a new 3 wire cord or motor brushes we can supply.

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QUESTION: Would it likely be easier to ship to you and have repaired professionally?

We will be glad to look at the unit and quote you a repair cost.  Please send to us at:  Kiefer Appliance, 4511 Monona Dr. Monona, Wi. 53716.  Please include payment of $15 to cover our estimate.  If you decide to have us repair the unit the $15 will be deducted from your total.
The big problem is if we need a part that we can not get.  Thank you.

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