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QUESTION: Hi Wayne -

I just purchased a refurbished Dominion 1316 automatic waffle iron. It works very well, but needs one minor tweak. Even at the highest temperature setting, the cooking surface doesn't get quite hot enough to put really good color on the whole grain waffles we like.

Is there some way I can easily tweak the temperature calibration? Easy can extend as far as taking off the bottom and turning some adjustment screw, but can't go as far as replacing a resistor in a circuit or the like.

Thanks so much.

ANSWER: The Dominion name is about 80 years old but the one you just bought is probably made in China.
More and more companies are buying old US names and making the products in China.  
Look on the bottom an see where it is made.  If it is made in China there is not adjusting anything.  There is usually a no-set thermostat in these units and you are stuck with whatever temperature that they set it.  Sorry.

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QUESTION: The unit says it was made in Mansfield, Ohio, USA, and was purchased from what I understand to be a reputable supplier,

If it's not a knock-off, where might I find a settable thermostat?

If this is an old unit it may have an adjustable thermostat.  If you take off the bottom plate on the unit, you may find a thermostat with an adjustment screw on it.  Turn it about 1/4 turn and see if that makes a difference.  If not, go back to start and go 1/4 turn in the opposite direction.  The thermostat should have three small blades on it and there will be wires attached.

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