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I have the above mentioned small appliance and everything works but the upper mixer arm as the Mixer Driver and split down the middle and I glued it once but it has broke again.

There are replacement upper mixer arms on sale on ebay however, their Driver Mixer piece looks different than mine does. Mine has a Snap Ring that holds it onto the post mechanism. The ones I have see on ebay appear to be held in with a small metal looking pole. Are you aware if there was a change made to the Mixer Driver? I am afraid to buy something on ebay that may not fit my appliance.

Thank you so much for any help you can give me on getting a replacement upper mixer arm. I called Oster but they told me this is a vintage machine and parts are not available for them anymore.

There are no parts to repair your problem.  We have tried JB Weld and it worked sometimes but I do not recommend it.   
The mixer arm that you have was only made two years so there were not many made and that is why you may not find one on Ebay.  All of the parts are different from the older models and our parts supply was depleted years ago.  All you can do is keep watching Ebay and you may get lucky.

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