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Wayne: We've had a GE hand mixer # D2M44 for 39 years.  It has 12 speeds but appears to be variable speed without contacts. It only runs on high speed regardless what speed you set it at.  My wife thinks the wire from the large capacitor was off when she took it apart.  Any ideas?

It could be either the capacitor or there should be a large resistor in the unit as well to shunt off the electricity on low speeds.  If you can reattach the capacitor wire, try it.
If they have to be replaced, there should be some #s on the side of each.  The resistor will have some #s and a symbol for ohms.  The capacitor will have some #s as well.  You should be able to use these # to order what you need on the internet.  These items can be tested using a multimeter.  The capacitor should basically read as an open.  The needle will jump up slightly and then go to "0". The resistor will have a value that should equal what is on the side of the case.  If either is bad you will get the symptoms  you describe.  Good luck.

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