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Dormeyer Mixwell blades bind against each other. They don't seem to have the degree of shift so they miss each other in operation.Instructions long since gone, but I see a big screw thing on top, does it have anything to do with the blade set angle?
    Tks Wayne

The screw on the top does not adjust the beaters.  I think your problem is in the gears that the beaters to into.  Some of these gears had set screws in them and they may have slipped.  In this case, they can be moved and tightened.  On the gears that are not adjustable and they are just worn, the only thing to do is replace them and they have not been available for about 35 years.  

Move the beaters back and forth and see if there is a lot of play in each one.  If so, your problem is in the gears.

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