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Small Household Appliances/Kitchen Aid Food Processor prob late '70's


Mr Kiefer:
I contacted you on 9-1-2015 concerning the Kitchen Aid Food processor and appreciate your taking the time to answer.
Barbara put it away the next day and left it in storage until today in order to grind carrots for a carrot cake.
She plugged in the processor and it wouldn't make a noise period.
As on 9-1-2015 I raised it on edge them let it drop to the counter top and it started running. After she prepared the carrots she cut it off and I cleaned it. I plugged it in and let it run for 5 minutes and it shut off on its own and wouldn't come back on by dropping it on the counter top. I waited 10 minutes and dropped it on the counter top and it started and I ran it for 20 minutes then put it away.
Does that give you any other ideas on what may be the problem? In other words do you think there is something in particular I should check? Thanks,Frank

Have you checked the plug or the connection where the cord enters the case.  It sounds like you have a loose connection somewhere. Turn the unit on and wiggle the wire where it enters the case.  Also wiggle the plug at the wall.  If it turns on and off you have found your problem.
If not you will have to look inside the unit for a loose connection.

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