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My NuTone blender is leaking and I would like to know how to fix it.  The Power Unit is model #251, stainless Steel.  The blender is model #272.  Does the blender come apart in order to replace a gasket?  If so, would you be able to email me a diagram of how to do this so that I would be able to figure out what part to replace? Thank you very much.

NuTone probably does not make the blender.  They have it made, probably in China, and stamp their name on the unit.  They have no material on service that comes with the unit. You may get some information if you contact them directly but I would almost say that you are wasting your effort but I may be wrong.  

I am not familiar with this particular unit but I would take a guess that it is leaking around the main shaft on the blender cutting unit.  This is what happens to most blenders that leak.  To repair this problem you will have to replace the entire cutting unit and my guess is that these parts are not available.  The web site to contact them is:

Good luck.

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