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i need to replace the cord. how can i get the case apart?

I think it has to be split at the center but I am not sure how this is done.  I will be at work next Tues. and will ask my repairman.  We have not seen a Dormeyer for a few years so I hope he will remember how to do it.  I will contact you on Wed. next week.

This is the procedure that was given to me by my repairman:

1- Remove screw on the handle at front of mixer
2- Lift handle off mixer--spring connects to front of red trigger.  This is very hard to get back in place so pay attention as to how it comes off.
3- Remove set screw from speed control knob and lift top cover off.
4- Remove nut on middle top of mixer and screw on bottom middle of mixer
5- Pull back half of mixer off.
6- Re-assemble in reverse order.

These are general instructions for most Dormeyer mixers so the best thing is to mark all of the pieces as you remove them.

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