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I have a basement kitchen area with a garbage disposal. If I don't use it for quite a while, when I turn it on, it makes a rattling, clattering sound.  In the past, after I have used it a little while the sound goes away, but not this time.  It sounds like a rust problem.  Any ideas? Solution?

I will start off by saying that repairing garbage disposals is a thing of the past.  A garbage disposal operates when three of four small weights fly outward as the motor is turned on.  These weights have to be loose or they will not move outward.  Disconnect the power to the disposal by finding the house breaker that operates it and turn it off.  Be sure it can not operate.  If you have a small wooden stick you should be able to reach into the unit and turn the weights with the stick.  There is sometimes a small shaft at the bottom of the disposal that can be turned with a wrench.  If it turns freely the motor is not tight. It sounds like maybe the weights that do the grinding are maybe worn and fly out too far.  They will then hit on the outside of the grinder.  If this is the case there is nothing to do but replace the unit as no company that I know of has any repair parts for their units.

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