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My wife had this mixer for years and it worked great.  She passed it on to our daughter and now it only runs at full speed.  I have opened it up and looked inside but found no obvious problem.  The speed is controlled by a rheostat that is turned by the speed control at the back of the mixer.  I checked the rheostat with a multimeter and it works correctly.  There are 3 wires from the rheostat to a circuit board in the base of the unit.  The board, dated 1983 has a couple of ICs, a transistor (SCR?) a couple of caps and a bunch of resistors.  I suspect that the problem is on the circuit board.  Can anyone explain to me how the circuit operates?  I'm thinking that maybe the rheostat is varying the bias voltage on the transistor?  Without a schematic it's difficult to tell.  Thanks in advance for any help.  Frank

Sunbeam never gave us any schematic for this model or actually any of their models.  We had to just learn from experience how to repair their products.  What a way to run a company, right.  And we were authorized service for Sunbeam.  None of the new products have any parts available because they are all made in China now.

I looked up your model and it was only made for two years and had a weird speed control.  It was different from all other Sunbeam mixers.  When all the other models would just run on high speed we knew that the large capacitor was in need of replacement. Your model has a small circuit board in place of the large capacitor and they never were available as a part. You could isolate each component and you may be able to narrow down the culprit.  Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but that is about all you can do at this point.

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