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Hello Wayne, I have to "split" my mixer to get inside so that I can properly replace the cord. I don't want to make any mistakes or ruin what use to be my grandmothers mixer. I got it all opened up and can see where the 2 pieces can come apart, but I"m thinking there is a better way to split it than with a screw driver and a hammer?

Thanks so much for your help.
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I have not worked on a Dormeyer for years and every one is a little different.  I know if you can splice into the cord it is a lot easier than splitting the case.  Sometimes there is a strain relief that you can remove and splice into the wires from the outside.  You have to solder the wires together and use shrink wrap on the two wires and then a large shrink wrap over both wires together to get a good splice.  You can then push the wires inside the mixer and reattach the strain relief onto the new wire.  If that will not work and you have to split the case, I know that Dormeyer liked to hide screws under the handle but not sure about your model.
If you do split the case use a three wire cord and ground the green inside the case.

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