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Hi Wayne,
My neighbor gave me 2 vintage coffee pots.  The first was a 1940s Farberware 8-cup coffee urn set no. 120.  The set is beautiful, however there is no power cord.  I've searched the web and couldn't find the cord replacement number or the cord itself.  Another was being sold, however it didn't have a cord either.  

The second pot was a Floral Porcelier, which is also missing a power cord.  Same thing happened trying to locate a replacement part number or power cord. How can I find a replacement?

Thanks in advance for your help.

With pots this old part #s wont help you much.  I do need to know if the terminal pins are round or flat?  Round is good flat is not.  Then you will have to measure the distance between the center points on the pins.  If you have this information, we should be able to help you.  Please contact us at:  608-221-3322   We should be able to help you if you have round pins.  If you have flat pins all we can do is replace the pins and pin board and that is more costly.

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