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I am trying to locate an instruction manual for an Oster Kitchen center.  The particular model I have is stamped on the motor head clip but is unreadable.  The kitchen center is the model with the touch pad control panel only.  It also has a manual off/on slide button control which turn the machine off or on to operate and is the only moving control on the machine.

I have searched the Oster website and checked for a manual, but the site does not contain the option to select for kitchen center operation manuals.  

Can you help me?


I have an earlier manual that I can email to you.  It is about 30 pages long and covers all of the basic operations.  We sell it for $5.00.  The whole manual is over 60 pages but page 31-60 is all recipes. If you would like the entire manual it is $10.  I do not have an exact manual for your unit because they only made it for two years and the only difference is the touch board.
Oster had a lot of problems with the model and discontinued it after about two years.  If you would like to order a manual just let me know and I can email it to you.

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