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QUESTION: I purchased a Royal Rochester Art Deco coffee percolator that did not come with the cord.  I am wanting to know where to find a flat prong power cord for it.  E630 stamped on bottom.  Distance between the flat prongs is 5/8 of an inch, with rounded edges of the flat prongs.  Can you help me?

ANSWER: We have handled this problem two different ways. Since these flat plugs have not been produced for over 60-70 years you can not buy a cord that fits anymore.  One method is to use a round holed cord as the connectors inside will hit the flat plugs and transfer the electricity to the unit. This method does not work on all of these old pots.  This is also not a good method as the contact is not that great and the plug can overheat. The preferred method is to replace the prongs.  The flat prongs are mounted in a plate inside the coffee maker.  We have replaced the plate with a plate that has round prongs.
This is the proper method.  Then any modern round cord will fit.  If you would like us to change the plates you would have to send us the coffee maker.  Sometimes the adaptation is not easy and pieces have to be manufactured.

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QUESTION: I have had some high quotes on the value of this piece as is and am concerned about changing the prongs as I think that will drop the value of the percolator.  Will changing the prongs cause it to loose value?   Also if I change the prongs can you tell if it will work?  What will it cost to change the plugs-a estimate as I know you may have to manufacture parts? Can a "fake" cord be made that will not work if plugged in and made to look like an orginal cloth cord with a round end?  Can send a picture of a cord from the manfacturer showing what it should look like?
Just some questions, trying to decide on what to do.  Thank you so much!

The cost to change the board with the round prongs depends on how long it takes.  If I have a board that will fit right in to the slots of the old one it will be cheaper than if I have to make something.  I would guess at somewhere between $50 and $85.  I may have an old cloth cord with the round holds but not sure.  I would have to look.  I do not have anything that will duplicate the cord that should be with the coffee pot.  Have you tried Ebay for a flat cord?
Also you can try:  This group is We Actually Collect Electric Mixers but some of them collect other appliances as well.

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