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Everstar Model QL16Z-03A 15.6V. DC Cordless Hand/stick vac
It is a dustbuster that attaches to a handle to vacuum the floor. I don't think they make them anymore. But if so couldn't I use a different battery and still get it to work?

You have a battery pack with 13 1.2volt cells in it.  They are probably NI-CAD batteries.  The only way to make it work again is to replace the batteries.  This can be done but you will have to break into the battery pack and solder new batteries into the pack. You have to use the old pack because it will fit into your vac.  Most of the time it is cost prohibitive to replace that # of cells as they cost about $5.00 for each cell plus the labor to solder them all together and mount them into the pack.  We have made some in the past but I just wanted you to know what you are getting into.  The pack may have to be broken into just to get it opened.

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