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I bought the waffle baker in Japan (AC 100v) and used in Malaysia (AC 240V). I didn't realise that a step-down voltage transformer is needed if using Japanese appliances in other countries. So I just pluged it on simply using a socket adapter. It actually worked at the first time nd I got my hot sandwishes. Besides there was some smoke (little only) came out and I though it is normal for the first use of the baker. There was no burnt-out noise. The next day i used it again, the indicator was still working accordingly to the on/off of the electric supply but it didn't heat my sanwiches up at all and i got electric shock once i touched the machine surface and sandwich iron.
Is my waffle baker already burnt out? Is it repairable? Thank a lot.

I am afraid that your waffle baker is toast, pardon the pun.  When you used it on 240 volts it probably over heated the element and it is now shorted to the case.  That is why you are getting shocked now.  There is really nothing you can do but purchase a new one.  you may want to check Amazon and see if someone makes dual voltage unit.  They are not uncommon nowadays.  Sorry to be the giver of sad information.

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