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I have a Kitchenaid Food Processor Model# KFP400A and it wouldn't come on.I checked everywhere for parts if needed and there is one site that has only 3 items in stock and the only one that could possibly help my problem is a wiring harness. Those 3 parts are listed under Westinghouse Food Processor KFP103. All other parts have been deleted. It may be possible that it will work ok without ordering parts.
I took the bottom plate off the unit and carefully checked each wire by pushing on them with a flathead screwdriver with the unit switch in the ON position. Nothing happened.
I happened to think of an old trick we used years ago in a meat market I operated. I had an old Hobart electric slicer and once in a while I would have to lift the slicer by one end and let go of it and let it hit on the work table it was on. I would do that 4-5 times and it would come on. I tried that yesterday and it came on and stayed on and I let it run off and on for three hours without problem. If this works my problem may be solved. Have you any idea what caused this? Also, in the event I may need  parts later on do you have a model#KFP400A or possibly the Model# KFP403 that is junked out and may be used for parts that you would sell?
My wife has only used the unit sparingly through the years around Christmastime and looking at the bottom of the unit with the plate removed it looks fine. No scortched windings in the motor were visible and no other sign of any overheating. It looks brand new under the plate.
         Thank you very much for your time.

I think you were lucky that your fix worked.  That usually does not. I will keep repair in mind if we get one that is hard to diagnose.

 We can get some internal and most of the external parts that you may require.  If you do need something else give us a call at:
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